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Welcome to Your
Dog's Staycation!

Thank you for considering LoveBug Farm Dog Oasis for your fur-baby!
We would love to have you come stay with us!
What happens to my dog when they are staying here?
  • Dogs receive personalized care and love throughout their their stay

  • No kennels, dogs are off leash and have the opportunity to run and play outside as much as they want

  • They come inside if they are too hot or need a break 

  • They can take a nap anywhere they would like in the living room, my air conditioned office with a cool tile floor, or you're welcome to bring their bed to make them feel more at home 

  • They will not be inside or outside the entire time unless you specify that is what you want

  • There is always access to fresh water

  • Regular treats! I use treats as training opportunities so that everyone understands that I am the alpha. All dogs need to listen to me.

I am highly communicative and will send you multiple text updates every day your dog is with me. I mostly communicate by text and will send photos and videos galore!

Please tell me if the texting is too much! I respond kindly to constructive feedback.

Meet & Greet:

​Every dog + pet parent is required to book a meet and greet with me (Rachel) before you're able to drop your dog off unattended.  There is no cost for the meet and greet session. This allows both you and I to meet and make sure we all feel good about your stay at LoveBug Farm Dog Oasis. We will discuss your training habits, learn more about any allergies, and learn about any history/background/traumas your dog has experienced.


Resident Animals:

I have 2 resident dogs who are trained and love having friends over. I also have a cat. Both dogs are about 60lb's. I have a 3.5yr old Bernadoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle) and a 2yr old American Bully.

We expect all dogs to be good dogs, to the best of their ability, while they are here at LoveBug Dog Oasis. I truly believe in my heart that every dog is good if you give them a chance!​

No biting/aggressive dogs allowed.


Daycare Prices and Information

Daycare (8hrs): $35-$45

Boarding (24hrs): $65-$75

Drop-In Visits: $35

2024 Updates:

  • $10 Late fee - if your time exceeds 8 hours for daycare or 24 hours for boarding

  • Holiday pricing varies 

Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm
​​Saturday/Sunday: Typically closed but flexible. Discuss with me!

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